I graduated with a degree in Computer Science with no specializations, a preference for back-end programming, and horrible UI design sense. Somehow I ended up in the field of biomedical imaging so here I am trying to make sense of what I got myself into.

Depending on my mood, I do any of the following:

  • Blogging. You’re welcome to look at my photo journal of my life in Japan. I have at least 7 other blogs but few people know they’re mine and I’m hoping it stays that way.
  • Watching/Reading anime & manga & webtoons. I could always use some recommendations!
  • Gaming. I suck but it’s fun so just don’t mind me.
  • Learning. Mostly foreign languages and linguistics, but also history, music, psychology, and computer science.

And in my spare time, I love watching lion videos on YouTube. You can help save lions by watching videos, too. (Seriously, you can.)

No, that’s not my hand on the picture. That’s my dad’s.






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