Fortunately or unfortunately, I have varied interests that range from the sciences to the humanities. This is mostly a personal memo of my favorite resources and a reminder to myself to keep learning, but if this helps someone find something they want to learn, that would be great. Mostly online resources but does include books. Resources are in English (and possibly available in other languages) unless otherwise noted.

Math / Computer Science





Personally, the StackExchange network has also helped me in various ways, whether it’s getting help and clarifications from Stack Overflow, or learning interesting ways to do things at Lifehacks, or solving problems at Puzzling, or noticing new story details at Science Fiction & Fantasy. It’s an absolutely amazing exercise for the mind to read through the questions and answers over the network for even just a few minutes a day.

Here are some of my favorite sites on StackExchange:

Music sheet resources for various instruments:

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